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Blokkoló megragadók


1.Structure with complete steel and high strength meets special requirements.
2.Structural designation makes field of vision widely for operator.
3.Used removable type article wear-resisting, after wearing is easy to replace economic and practical.
4.Can be rotated and field to make effective if needed.

Hidraulikus targonca beton tégla / blokk emelő bilincs


Capacity Range



Holding Width


 Emelési magasság


Tilting Angle

Rotating Angle

Telescopic Length













A targonca és a tartozékok tényleges kapacitását szerezze be a targonca gyártójától.

Holding width refers to the length of the standard bricks for 200-240mm, 4-6 bricks, the width of the size need to be measured and confirmed.
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Bell type block clamps can complete function of hoisting, tilting, rotation, scaling, clamp, excellent comprehensive performance.

Skilled application of hydraulic technology, with hydraulic components protection, can fully meet the needs of the working condition of brick industry.

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Származási hely: Fujian, Kína (szárazföld)
Márkanév: HUAMAI
Model Number: BTC-GX
Product Name: Bell type block clamps
Model: BTC-GX
Lifting Height (mm): 5600mm
Tilting Angle: 6-12°
Rotating Angle: 90-120°
Telescopic Length (mm): 400-800mm
Capacity Range (kg): 5000-8000

Block clamp


1.Concrete block clamp can efficiently handle various types of solid, regular cubic goods under normal temperature.

2.Widely used in construction material, metallurgy industries for handling concrete blocks, cement bricks, carton cubes, etc.

3.The high structural strength and durability ensura the safe, productive application and long service life.


1.The item doesn't need to be put on pallet to be transported. If need be, they can be put on a pallet and after than they can be handled by a traditional forklift too.

2.Proven durable T-beam arm aluminium frame construction.

3. Kiváló kar-csúszócsapágy a hosszabb élettartamért.

4.Regenerative hydraulic valving for optimal arm speed.

5.Durable contact pads, reliable clamping.

6.Excellent driver visibility.


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1.Professional & Experienced: We have more than 10 years experience in this field. Our professional technical team who come from world leading companies have been concentrating on provide the high quality products for you.

2.Heavy duty attachments: HEZE can provide a series of heavy duty attachments which the capacity load are more than 6 tons, while other factories can not reached.

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